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The Company

The Franchi factory was founded almost fifty years ago to introduce a quality product, but at a mid-range price, in the segment of office chairs. In the mind of the founders of the company there was a precise goal: to create not an office chair, but THE office chair.

This vision linked to the uniqueness of the product has evolved over time with the technologies and the search for more and more specific materials. Today Franchi offers THE office chair, build on the wide range of needs that our customers have. Classic office chairs, sport models, presidential armchairs and gaming chairs.

The Franchi office chair selection grows together with the world of office design. Responding to a need for comfort, while respecting manufacturing tradition and design requirements.

Franchi® - Design Office Chairs


Our historical manufacture still uses the assembly techniques adopted by the founders. The meticulous choice of materials passes through the hands of quality specialists that Franchi has been using for years. The best traditional construction techniques meet the most modern and sophisticated machinery, to guarantee only the best results in terms of performance.

The love and creativity that we have always put into our office chairs have been the same for almost half a century: a guarantee of ergonomics and design. All made by Franchi.

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