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Sport Office Chairs

Chrome details, decisive colours and interesting contrasts. A selection of chairs that satisfies the lover of classic design, as well as the younger user. The Sport Office Chairs by Franchi have balanced style, modern design and classic comfort.

Elegant office Chairs

The elegance of a high-class seat gives every office a different look. We establishing ourselves over fifty years as the creators of the most luxurious office chairs has become our trademark. Franchi presidential armchairs stand out for their comfort, fine materials and refined lines.

Design Chairs

An office chair can also become an interesting decorative element in an office with an emphasis on sophistication and image. Our designer office chairs are an example of how the functionality of Franchi’s products, can easily adapt to the most daring and important aesthetic requirements.
Choosing them means furnishing with comfort.

Breathable Chairs

In designing its product lines, Franchi has also thought of those who will spend many hours a day in their chairs. Ergonomic office chairs become breathable, with covers designed for effective and constant air flow.

Gaming Chairs

At Franchi we have decided not to stop in a handcrafted memory, but to walk side by side with the new needs and demands of the market. The birth of the gaming segment has allowed us to create office chairs with a modern, ergonomic andversatile design.

Classic Chairs

Combining ergonomics and design, over the years Franchi has established itself as the creator par excellence of THE office chair. First-class materials and design in linewith the times, to always guarantee our customers a product of excellence.

Office Chair – The only one

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